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ME_Challenge Insanity Round Responses

Still waiting on that link to materialize for GreenWish special donations. I promise once I know more, I'll have it up.

In the meantime, have the two fills I did for the Insanity Round today. XD

Prompt: Think of me
Characters/Pairings: Joker/Ashley
Notes: Language warning, ANGST

Think of meCollapse )

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Prompt: First date
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda)
Notes: Set post ME3 in a happy-ever-after type world and a complete departure into headcanon.

First dateCollapse )

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ME_Challenge Insanity Round Responses

Today's Insanity Round fills. I apparently seem to be on a "vaguely NSFW" kick. Forgive me?

Prompt: im in ur base, killin ur d00dz
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko, Legion (sort of)

im in ur base, killin ur d00dzCollapse )

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Prompt: Tattoo
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda)
Notes: Vaguely NSFW, makes reference to this fill.

Tattoo - Vaguely NSFWCollapse )

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Prompt: I've made my choice
Characters/Pairings: FemShep, Garrus, Joker (sort of)

I've made my choiceCollapse )

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Prompt: Love set fire to everything
Characters/Pairings: Joker/Ash
Notes: Vaguely NSFW

Love set fire to everything - Vaguely NSFWCollapse )

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MiniShepards fills + Bonus Drabble

So, here are the "MiniShepard" fills - one for each Alenko kid. I failed to make it clear in each individual one, but each was written with the idea that the "MiniShepard" in question was around sixteen. They aren't triplets, so these aren't taking place anywhere close to concurrently. Andi's tried to run away from me and turn into something much longer. I reined it back in, but that's also part of the problem: I ended up having to excise a good chunk of what came after the "ending" and sacrificing the ending it wanted to have in the process, so hers feels like it fits the prompt the least to me. I still like it, but I'm not so sure it fits, you know?

Also - a completely unrelated bonus drabble because someone did a fill late today and one of their prompts grabbed me.

Prompt: MiniShepards
Characters/Pairings: Kaidan, Shep Alenko

MiniShepards - ShepCollapse )

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Prompt: MiniShepards
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda), AJ Alenko

MiniShepards - AJCollapse )

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Prompt: MiniShepards
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda), Andi Alenko

MiniShepards - AndiCollapse )

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And the bonus drabble:

Prompt: Reaper Attack!!: The Movie
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko, Joker, Garrus

Reaper Attack!!: The MovieCollapse )

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ME_Challenge Insanity Round Responses

You get the Insanity Round fills from the last two weeks today. :-) Last week was rough personally, so I didn't get around to putting the ones up that I did. There's also going to be a second post up in either just a bit or tomorrow morning. Someone prompted "MiniShepards", and I couldn't resist doing a fill for each of the Alenko kids. Two down, one to go. For now, here's all the other stuff. Oh! And the headcanon drabble for Amanda and Kaidan getting married before the end of ME3 that I said I might do? The headcanon proposal is actually the last one of the post.

Prompt: Sick Day
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda)

Sick DayCollapse )

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Prompt: Who you are
Characters/Pairings: Intended to be Shepard/Alenko, but really can be Shepard/any human male LI or Thane

Who you areCollapse )

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Prompt: Dangerous Ladies
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko, (implied) Jacob/Kasumi

Dangerous LadiesCollapse )

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Prompt A fading scar
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda)

A fading scarCollapse )

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Prompt: Drinking your breakfast
Characters/Pairings: FemShep (Amanda), Joker, (implied) Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda)

Drinking your breakfastCollapse )

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Prompt: Can't take it with you
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda)
Notes: Vaguely NSFW

Can't take it with you - vaguely NSFWCollapse )

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ME_Challenge Insanity Round Responses

You get this week's and last week's today (because I apparently forgot to compile last week. O_o)

Prompt: Take me, sir. Take me hard.
Charcters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko

Take me, sir. Take me hard.Collapse )

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Prompt: Don't tell me what I can't do.
Characters/Pairings: Joker, EDI

Don't tell me what I can't doCollapse )

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Prompt: Not a morning person
Characters/Pairings: (implied) Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda)

Not a morning personCollapse )

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Prompt: Since you've been gone
Characters/Pairings: Kaidan, FemShep, (Shepard/Alenko if you squint and tilt your head)

Since you've been goneCollapse )

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Prompt: My girl will marvel at my strength, adore my battle scars
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda), Andi Alenko (sort of)

My girl will marvel at my strength, adore my battle scarsCollapse )

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Prompt: Darkness
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko

DarknessCollapse )

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Prompt: The way they move
Characters/Pairings: James Vega, (implied) Shepard/Alenko

The way they moveCollapse )

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Prompt: Footsteps
Characters/Pairings: Shep Alenko, Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda)

FootstepsCollapse )

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List and a Bonus Ficlet

ME Fandom List of Works to Complete:
Still all Shenko. I'M NOT SORRY!

Worth Dying For (Part 4 is up on the kmeme. I'm thinking I'm maybe another two parts before it's done. If you'd like a link, let me know.)
Kink meme fill #2
Kink meme fill #3
We Never Change
Post Omega-4/Pre Arrival fic
Limits (I plunked away at this a very little last night. But something's better than nothing.)
Get a FF.Net account for all appropriate material. (Link! I'll also add this to my profile)

EDIT: I need to complain about ff.n for awhile. It doesn't recognize asterisks as a line break? *flail* The formatting is annoying the living daylights out of me, and the one fic I've got up so far just looks sloppy thanks to the predone line breaks instead of smaller ones. I'm going to keep fiddling with it and seeing if I can fix it, but for right now it's driving me mad.

And a bonus ficlet: This is a T rated (to be safe, it's sexless, but Kaidan runs off at the mouth and gets a little suggestive) kmeme-fill I completed a couple of weeks ago. The prompt was basically that the prompter loved the bits of Dragon Age 2 where Varric would exaggerate things and how, in the beginning, Hawke (possibly) looked absolutely nothing like himself. Anon asked for something similar to happen with Shepard, perhaps even being so extreme as for a statue to be built of the "wrong" Shepard or something similar.

Title: Mistaken Identity (anybody want to throw out a better title? I left it untitled on the kmeme)
Characters/Pairings: (implied) Shepard/Alenko, male OC

Mistaken IdentityCollapse )

ME_Challenge Insanity Round Responses

I just remembered I didn't get this week's Insanity Round responses up. o_O Whoops.

Prompt: Explain this to me
Pairings/Characters: Shepard/Alenko, Joker

Explain this to meCollapse )

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Prompt: Forgiveness
Characters/Pairings: Miranda

ForgivenessCollapse )

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Prompt: Open your eyes
Characters/Pairings: Joker, (implied) Shepard/Alenko, (implied) Joker/Ashley

Open your eyesCollapse )

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Prompt: I never asked for this
Characters/Pairings: FemShep, Liara, mention of Kaidan

I never asked for thisCollapse )

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Prompt: Medicine is magical
Characters/Pairings: (implied) Shepard/Alenko

Medicine is magicalCollapse )

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We Never Change

About six weeks ago, a prompt on me_challenge's Insanity Round was "We Never Change". I wrote this in response. As I was writing it, I was already trying to formulate a "companion piece", as it were. A bit where Shepard is able to get the one-up on Kaidan and do something similar for him that he does for her throughout "We Never Change". I finally managed to complete it.

Prompt: We Never Change
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda)
Notes: Self-betaed, so any and all mistakes are mine and mine alone.

Safe for work; contains some allusions to the original We Never Change and to the post Omega-4/pre Arrival fic I've been plunking away at for three months or so.

Vague spoilers for Arrival and the beginning of ME3.

Feedback of all stripes would be awesome and greatly appreciated.

We Never ChangeCollapse )

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