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ME_Challenge Insanity Round Responses

I'm back doing these again! Woo!

Have this week's and last week's all in one go (oh come on. There's only three of them.):

Prompt: Selfishness
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko

All she can think as his fingers curl inside her is that it's selfish of her to want this. There are countless people dying by the minute, depending on her to save them. And all she wants in this moment, all she needs, is his touch and his tongue and the feel of his skin against hers.

He crawls up the bed, pressing kisses to her skin along the way - her belly, between her breasts, the base of her throat, and then he captures her lips in a bruising kiss, letting her taste herself on his tongue, and pushes into her in one hot, slick thrust that makes her gasp into his mouth and clutch at his shoulders and for the first time in nearly a year she feels truly alive.

She hears the desperate whimper he chokes back, feels his muscles quivering under her fingers. She wraps her legs around his hips, drawing him closer, and cups his jaw in her hands, gently pulling him away from her mouth, urging him to look at her.

He presses his forehead to hers, takes a deep breath, and then opens his eyes.

What she sees takes her breath away: love, hope, desire, faith, joy, all of it.

He slowly withdraws and then pushes back into her, his eyes never leaving hers, and, for the first time since waking up on that damnable Cerberus station, she feels whole.

Later (after he'd come with a groan of her name and a spike in his biotics that made everything around them shudder and shake, and she'd followed quickly after, her fingers buried in his hair and her teeth scraping against the tendons of his neck), she lays pressed as closely against him as she can manage, her head on his chest as his fingers trace nonsensical patterns against her spine, as she listens to the steady thump of his heart and the even measures of his breath and she feels content and at peace, she begins to think that maybe sometimes being selfish isn't such a bad thing after all.

# # #

Prompt: Someone to have, someone to hold
Characters/Pairings: Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda)
Notes: Complete departure into headcanon, Makes reference to this fill (though that fill's location mention/specifics now need to be updated, as it was written before ME3 dropped)

It had been done quickly and quietly, on Eden Prime of all places (she'd said with a grin that it was only fitting that they make it official where it had all started), after they'd discovered the horrors of Sanctuary but before assaulting Cronos Station.

Their families hadn't been there, most of their friends hadn't been there. It hadn't taken more than ten minutes (once they'd found someone who could legally officiate, anyway). But that ten minutes was everything right now as, for the second time by her side, he stared down a suicide run. He stood behind her, looking out over the wreckage of London, taking in the rubble and the utter decimation.

He'd told her it was for both of them - so that, if anything happened to her again, he wouldn't have to hide, wouldn't have to pretend that they had never happened. So that if anything happened to him, she wouldn't have to suffer through that at all.

It had been a lie.

It was all for her. Always. Because he wouldn't lose her again. Couldn't.

He took a careful step behind her, coming just close enough that the toe of his boot lightly tapped the heel of hers - just enough to let her know he was there without being obvious or obtrusive. He saw the corner of her mouth twitch, saw her throat work as she swallowed.

"You ready?" she asked, her voice thick.

He unclipped his Paladin and took a moment to check the scope, just so he could feel the slight constriction of his ring against the base of his finger as he moved his hand. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her raise her left hand to her waist and clench it into a fist, saw her fingers work and flex against her palm, and knew she was doing the same.

So long as they both should live.

"Let's roll," he answered, and took off after her down the hill without hesitation.

# # #

Prompt: The Daring Book for Girls
Characters/Pairings: Andi Alenko, Shepard/Alenko (Kaidan/Amanda), mentions of Shep and AJ
Notes:This was born of a conversation I had near a year ago with jessieheart which I now cannot find the link for about Shepard and Kaidan's theoretical biotic children. How Kaidan would most likely freak out about small uses of biotics ("You don't have to, you know! Picking it up with your hands is fine!"), while his spouse would invariably try to soothe him and covertly encourage the biotics ("It's just practice, honey. Not a big deal").

And then I mentioned Andi, who I've known forever would have mad love for the Charge ability, and Amanda's reaction (sheer terror), and Kaidan's response (A knowing, slightly mocking look and "I thought it was just 'practice', babe.").

Andi had always been adventurous - they had both long ago accepted the fact that all of their children were so and had come by this tendency quite naturally - but she'd always been quietly adventurous: she wasn't one to climb trees or scrabble down the rocks on the shores of English Bay like either of the boys were, nor was she ever likely to wander too far from her parents or her brothers. No, she was more like her father - she was happy to quietly examine something from a distance, trying to understand its workings, poking it only when it came within reach.

Until she got amped. She had subsequently discovered, purely by accident, how to biotically charge one morning. And, at a gleeful six years old, that had been the end of the careful and cautious Andi Alenko.

Amanda stood beside Kaidan, watching as he carefully maneuvered Andi out of the top of the apple tree with delicate, measured movements of his hands and calculated twitches of his fingers.

"Can we please put a moratorium on charging?" she muttered, watching as her daughter cleared the branches and now hung suspended in mid-air. Andi, of course, was giggling like mad.

The corner of Kaidan's mouth curled up in a wry grin. "I thought she was just 'practicing', sweetheart. Can't do any harm, right?"

She frowned. "There's a big difference between Shep deciding he wants to pick up a pencil from across a room or AJ using a barrier before he jumps into a pile of leaves and," she waved her hand at Andi as Kaidan carefully deposited her on the ground, "this." Amanda sighed, rubbing a hand across her forehead. "Can she at least stop practicing in the orchard? Or how about we just take her amp until she's twelve. Or twenty. I could do twenty."

Kaidan opened his mouth to answer, but the air was pressing in thick and fast around them, and then a streak of blue cut across the orchard with an audible crack. Kaidan closed his mouth, his lips going thin for the briefest of moments.

"Twenty-five," he muttered darkly before taking off after Andi at a brisk jog. "And not a year sooner."

# # #